Meeting Structures, 2008
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Meeting Structures (Overlegstructuren) is a project developed for the exhibition At Random? Netwerken en kruisbestuivingen at the Museum De Paviljoens, Almere, Netherlands. November 2007 - April 2008.
Uta Eisenreich, 2008
1 / 3 website made in Microsoft Excel
The Collective, 2009
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The sacred pyramid – A Publication on the dynamics of collectives in the context of social networks. Initiated by Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters, published by the Students of the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. The launch of the magazine was an event at Mediamatic called Children of Roena.
Zelfportret van de NRC-lezer, 2008
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Final portrait
"Self-Portrait of the NRC-reader" is a prize question (prijsvraag) developed for the 'Cultureel Supplement' of NRC Handelsblad in April/May 2008
OO Magazine, 2009
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Design and editing for a cultural magazine on the future of the olympic area in Amsterdam. We commissioned visual contributions to ...and Beyond, Denny Backhaus, Erik Borra, BoyPlayGirl, Uta Eisenreich, Marc Faasse, Timo Hoffmeijer, Karst-Janneke Rogaar, Tunc Topcuoglu, Simon Wald-Lasowski.
Proposals for change, 2008
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Dress as your neighbor
A project by Poly-Xelor (Luna Maurer, Roel Wouters) for Place-It, thirteen story settings in Bolzano public space. With Alexander Egger, Manuel Reader, Kasia Korczak / Slavs & Tatars, organized by Gallery Lungomare. July - October 2008 parallel to Manifesta 7.
Algorithms as airbrush , 2007
Graphic and functional design for new media

In a world where everything is controlled, designer Luna Maurer decided to give away control. Her designs are partially set by external factors. Beyond the magic of the unpredictable, the cumulus clouds over Museum Square and books that lead their own lives.

By Luna Maurer

Should we want to shape the world, we can not surpass the questions of live. A design must say something about our society. One of those questions is ‘control’. My life evolves mostly behind my laptop. With my mobile phone and fast wireless internet I feel connected. I, along with many others, organise my life, my accounts, my taxes and my plane tickets with technology. We leave nothing to chance. The philosopher Patricia de Marteleare thinks that it is inherent for humans to seek control: ‘All that lives seeks control of its environment. It’s just that humans have expanded their means for control in a spectacular way.’
DRFTWD website-tool, 2007
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Website-tool for generating websites. Developed for DRFTWD OFFICE Associates in Amsterdam.
(Re-)Drawing Typologies, 2007
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Publication on the occasion of the exhibition Drawing Typologies, Stedelijk Museum CS, 2007. It is designed by making use of the drawing tool: "Text pencil" developed by Jonathan Puckey.
Grey Movie & Grijsblok, 2007
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With Grey Movie & Grijsblok, Luna Maurer visualizes the concept "thinking as a rhizom" as it appears in the philosophy of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995).
City Walk, 2007
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City Walk was an event to which I contributed with an SMS intervention on March 24th, 2007 in The Hague. Organized by the graphic design studio LUST.
During 3 hours I send the participants instructions by SMS according to which they had to behave while walking randomly through the city.
The instrucions let the participants investigate into conventions, rules, laws and limits we are dealing with in the public space.


1 walk on the left-hand side of the pavement and pass approaching pedestrians on the left-hand side

2 look for suspicious signs that predict imminent danger and warn the group

3 look inside the windows of street-level houses

4 search for eye contact with passing pedestrians

5 greet passing pedestrians

6 transform public space into private space

7 hand out sweets to strangers

8 cross the street whenever someone is walking in your direction

9 walk on the bicycle path

10 only cross the road when the traffic light is yellow - just before they get red

11 cross borders from public to private space, enter private terrains

12 pass pedestrians a bit too close

13 talk to yourself as if you're on the phone - make a fictive call to your mother

After the walk the participants were told to gather at the Central Station in The Hague and wait for new instructions. This time they became part of a principle called cellular automata.
Every participant was smsd simultaneusly the following instructions:

1 Hello cell - please take a position in the main hall with distance of 2 meters of your neighboring cells. Put the cell phone volume up and wait for instructions.
2 Look for your left-hand neighbor with the number (e.g. 0641935417) and your right-hand neighbor with the number (e.g. 0655706440) and stay together.
3 Kiss your right-hand neighbor goodbye bye -say something nice and swap place.

Every participant was smsd simultaneously two numbers of two of the other participants
. By calling and listening to where the ring-tone came from they had to find their neighbors.
This project couldn't be played till the end because the police interrupted the game due to the danger of accumulation of people.
Thanks to Jonathan Puckey and Dimitrt from Lust.

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Urbaninform, 2009
1 / 5 - urbaninform is a web tool that collects architecture and urban design best practice-projects for the informal city. In collaboration with Marije ten Brink.