Annual report KVB, 2002
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Annual report. 28 cm x 20 cm, 36 pages. Dynamics: Jochem van der Spek
Grid in space, 2002
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Sandberg Instiute, Amsterdam
Spacial grid experiments at different locations and exhibitions.
Kontrakontrolle, 2003
Performance during the first Visual Power Show in Paradiso, Amsterdam. In collaboration with Roel Wouters.
KontraKontrolle is a performance concept where we literally stepped into the computer-screen. By placing ourselves as icons (via bluescreen technique) on top of the presenters screen we could interact live with the presenter's actions. Watch the documentation movie to see how we did it.

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KlimaKontrolle, 2002
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Performance at the International Browserday Amsterdam, in collaboration with Roel Wouters.
Kopna Kopna, 2002
in collaboration with Roel Wouters
My brave new window, 2002
VJ installation in collaboration with Joes Koppers, Roel Wouters, Maarten Wolzak
Mind My Manager, 2000
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Animation (3 min) in assignment for Mieke Gerritzen/ NL-design. Sound by Nathalie Bruys. It was part of Mieke's lectures about new economy and design, and was shown all over the world.
Elastic Reality, 1999
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final exam project, Rietveld academy 1999. Mac OS gets liquid. I used the existing operating system with the desktop metaphor but changed it's behavior.
Programming by Senne de Jong